Founded in 1994

Confirming excellence and refreshing the future

Established in 1994, JMD is a leading bookbinding solution provider with title”national high-tech enterprise” and “specialized and new enterprise”. JMD is located in a national high-tech zone in Baolong Shenzhen with a modern science and industrial park of 69000 square meters.


With the craftsman spirit of "Perseverance and excellence",JMD is dedicated to post-printing binding technology innovation deeply. Its products mainly include perfect binding, saddle stitches,digital post-printing and sewing binding, which are widely used in books and periodicals printing, digital printing, business printing etc. As a technology-driven company, More than 80 industrial patent had been gained. Many core technologies had broken the foreign monopoly and filled the domestic gap, the substitution of high-end post-printing binding equipment to domestic one is realized. 

JMD product becomes the joint choice of top 100 printing enterprises in China.JMD takes the leading position in domestic primary and high school textbook printing and binding market, it snatched more than 80% of market share in this field, which takes positive contribution to national education cause. As for the latest digital printing technology,JMD puts effort on research and gets know-how of it. So far it becomes one of the few companies with complete digital post-printing solutions in the world. A very broad development prospect is expected.

JMD takes innovation on technology, meanwhile promotes actively this industry to higher level.JMD put forward the "4S service concept" first time, carried out skilled personnel training continuously, and delivered thousands of talent to the industry, well-known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the post-printing and binding industry. It held "JMD Cup" together with the printing association, undertook activities on” finals of binding skills Competition for National Printing Industry”.The venue, equipment as well as technical support is provided for this event, which took a positive contribution to the development of the industry.


The equipment manufacturing industry represents the backbone of a country. As the "invisible champion" in domestic post-printing equipment manufacturing field, JMD takes a great role in spreading China's national post-printing equipment to the world. With the plan "Made in China 2025" raised by Chinese central gov, JMD moves further forward towards digitalization and intelligence, which aims to build a national brand with global reputation.

JMD sincerely invite global partners

With the rapid development of digital and intelligent printing technology, whether traditional or digital printing, its post-printing takes great potentials. To meet with increasingly diverse and personalized needs of post-printing processing, JMD launched a series of intelligent, humanized and efficient post-printing solutions to meet requirements such as multiple varieties, high quality and short lead time etc.

JMD products have been access to more than 80% of large printing enterprises in Chinese market, taking an absolute leading position. In order to expand business and let more customers around the world know about JMD products, now global partners are invited to joint promote JMD products worldwide.

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