Inherit the post-printing classics and facilitate development of the industry

Talent training concept

Since its establishment in 2006, JMD Training Center had held more than 30 training courses successfully and conveyed thousands of senior talents for printing industry. The professional lecturer team is committed to providing comprehensive technical training solutions,so as to strengthen capacity of senior talent and promote production efficiency.With failure rate reduction and quality improvement, economic returns of enterprise can be enhanced.  

23 Province

Covering 23 provinces 

2000 +

Thousands of senior talents had been trained

40 +

Nearly 50 training courses had been launched so far

Course Introduction

Targeted training for post-printing professional knowledge such as equipment operation, process learning, product commissioning and equipment maintenance etc.

Course content

Professional content for JMD equipment such as basic principle, specification for operation,commissioning and maintenance, post-printing process knowledge etc.

Course objects

JMD’s customers and professional technical talent who’s committed to the development of post-printing industry.

Number of trainees

Small-class teaching,
The number of trainees is about 40 so the best training effect can be achieved.


Training system

To maximum the production efficiency and investment return of JMD equipment.Comprehensive and professional training is offered, including courses related to equipment operation and maintenance etc.

To meet the training needs of different customers,three training methods are provided as below:

·JMD factory training:Comprehensive technical training is offered to your staff by JMD professional lecturer team.So they may grow into excellent skilled talents in the field of post-printing binding.
·Customer on-site training:JMD professional service engineers will visit customer's site and provide professional technical training for your employees, so that JMD equipment can be operated smoothly and efficiently.
·Online training:For customers who cannot participate in offline training, online training will be held regularly,which enables your employees to master the operation and commissioning of equipment.

Training hardware (site)

JMD training course is mainly held in JMD Industrial Park, which aims to improve the skills of operators and maintenance personnel.


During the training, the trainees can operate the equipment in JMD workshop, which is convenient to understand equipment further and master various knowledge and skills more quickly and directly.


Training software (lecturers)

JMD owns a teaching team composed of experienced senior technicians and technicians.Targeted and practical training courses are compiled.With combination of theory teaching, operation demonstration and investigation study, the quality and effect of training can be maximized.

Through a series of professional training, operators and maintenance personnel can operate,manage and maintain equipment correctly, skillfully and safe,stable and effective operation is ensured.

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