Online store for spare parts

· JMD Professional service personnel is available for spare parts supply to ensure customers’ effective production. 

· Spare parts can be provided to customers with convenience.
· Required spare parts can be available through the following ways:

Online ordering procedures on mobile terminal

→ Open WeChat to scan the QR code on the right
→ Select model
→ Add parts to shopping cart
→ Enter “mine” to check goods status

JMD Wechat mini program for spare parts

Original parts


Genuine product, quality assurance, timely response, and assured procurement

Source control

Follow the same production and inspection standards as the original ones,
 delivery by professional logistics companies to ensure the source and quality,
Safe and reliable operation of equipment.

Quality assurance

It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the accessories can be delivered only after passing the multi-layer quality inspection. The quality and safety are guaranteed. Please purchase the original genuine parts to ensure the safe production. 

Adequate inventory

There are thousands of parts and components in stock.Adequate inventory enables quick response within 24 hours,
Meet user needs timely and ensure their normal production.
Be able to act fast, decisively, accurately and considerately.

Convenient offline phone ordering

To ensure the accuracy of accessories, please provide the following information:
→ Machine model, serial number and manufacturing date.
→ Photos of required parts.

Contact information:

Miss Peng 0755-29866930

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