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    • Commodity name: G460P Automatic Gathering Machine
    • Commodity ID: G460P

    G460P Gathering Machine is a new upgrade on the G460B. G460P is equipped with the latest technology and brings more stability, which enables you for long-term ideal and efficient production.

    G460P Automatic Gathering Machine

    G460P Gathering Machine is a new upgrade on the G460B. G460P is equipped with the latest technology and brings more stability, which enables you for long-term ideal and efficient production.

    Outstanding Features:

    ♦ Reliable and non-marking separating of sections thanks to the vertical gathering design.

    ♦ Touch screen allows easy operation and convenient fault analysis.

    ♦ Comprehensive quality control for miss-sheet, double-sheet and paper jams. 

    ♦ Easy changeover between 1:1 and 1:2 production modes brings high flexibility.

    ♦ Criss-cross delivery unit and hand feeding station are offered as standard features. 

    ♦ Reject gate for wrong signatures ensures non-stop production.

    ♦ Excellent quality control is enabled by the optional signature recognition system.

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    Vertical Gathering Stations

    4 gathering station as 1 unit, and maximally up to 32 stations. Auto signature inspection system on each station to detect miss-sheet, multi-sheet, and paper jams.


    Automatic Image Recognition System

    The automatic image recognition system will prevent wrong signatures from being processed further. It is featured with high accuracy, quick processing speed, and easy operation, which makes it an excellent product quality control system for the printing companies.


    Hand Feeding Station 

    Hand feeding station is provided for convenient feeding of additional signatures. 


    Criss-Cross Delivery Unit

    The criss-cross delivery unit is provided for efficient collection of well-gathered book blocks.

  • Machine Model






    No. of Stations






    Sheet Size (a)


    Sheet Size  (b)


    In-line Max. Speed

    8000 c/h

    Off-line Max. Speed

    4800 c/h

    Machine Weight







    *The machine design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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